10 Best Skinny Jeans Under $100

As someone who is 4’11” shopping for jeans is a constant struggle. Finding clothes that fit can be a challenge, especially if the brands you like don’t make specialty petite sizing. When it comes to jeans, the biggest problem is usually length, but it doesn’t end there.

Point is all jeans look good on pound people, but many jeans are trickier if you carry any extra weight anywhere on your body at all — like I do.

As someone who is 4’11” shopping for jeans is a constant struggle. Finding clothes that fit can be a challenge, especially if the brands you like don’t make specialty petite sizing. When it comes to jeans, the biggest problem is usually length, but it doesn’t end there.
Whether you are looking for Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans or your fave signature skinny style from Topshop, we've rounded up the best jeans of the bunch for you to shop now.
But let's be honest: no other jean will ever be as versatile and timeless as the classic skinny jean. Here, the six essential variations of the style that every stylish woman needs in her denim collection.
These lean jeans come in a number of styles so you can have your high waisted skinny Made for a Perfect Fit · Sizes 10 -
BEST FOR: A classic high-rise skinny for work or play. FUN FACT: These jeans are made at the world’s cleanest denim factory.
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One of the most common complaints among pear-shaped women: If the jeans are roomy enough for their hips and butt, the waist is too big. But a contoured cut that doesn't gape at the waist can make all the difference in the world, especially with body-balancing bootcut leg.

I liked these enough for sure. Gap Always Skinny Jean. Fine unless you consider jeans that give you cankles unflattering. So no, not terribly flattering. I could tell that if I lost just a few pounds they would fit my waist so much better, but I was surprised at how much I liked them, being in the jegging family and all.

Which skinnys would you buy? Which ones would you like to see in your closet tomorrow? You can vote for as many pairs as you would like. Oh, and in case you were wondering where my tops came from: Shoes were a big splurge by A Detacher, and my gold bangle bracelet is from Capwell.

Thanks for a fantastic round-up! Personally, I think jeans and all clothes, really are so individual to each person, depending on body type. When I have a little extra weight as I do now, four months post partum , I need a high rise.

But I have an exceptionally long torso and basically no hips. Numbers on a scale are only meaningful when paired with height. Emily — Can you tell us how tall you are? It would help for fit! And you look great in the light washed ones!

Forget about those 5 pounds. I was including myself in that number. Point is all jeans look good on pound people, but many jeans are trickier if you carry any extra weight anywhere on your body at all — like I do. But I edited it because you are right, that totally came off offensive. Consignment shops are a great place to look for jeans — they have all different brands and, since they are used, if they are going to change size, they have by then.

And a lot of the expensive ones are already hemmed…. The only jeans that fit me in a flattering way are paige! Straight and Bootcut are the winners for right now. I am most definitely over lbs, and honestly when I used to be lbs I think I could wear absolutely everything. Now it takes a lot of shopping to find a flattering fit. But I definitely can.

I have to think about it and actually style myself. I have items I love now, not just a bunch of cheap junk. They are super stretchy and extremely comfy. And I know I look good. I love WHBM skinny jeans! They have had a TON of wash and wear and still look awesome! My friend who has a totally different body type than mine also looks fantastic in them! You know, in all the candid shots you post of yourself — in your house, or at the market, or on a shoot — you always look good. Very, very brave of you, Emily, to do this post!

How about a post on those? You look great in everything; talk about confidence. Shining through in all you do! We did Flare jeans, too! Wildly more flattering than skinny, on me at least. This has been my favourite post in a long time, Emily!

I think that will be my denim purchase this year-a pair of awesome high-waisted flares. I purchase one pair of jeans every few years and like to make sure I purchase something good and versatile and that I can get loads of wear from-your review will help! I think your pound comment was to remind people that this is what you weigh and look like in the jeans-not that you need to weigh pounds or less to where them;.

Thanks for keeping it real. It feels good to remember that everyone has their own body and how one thing can look great on one person, it may not do the same for another. Never before have I found jeans that fit me correctly in both the hips and the waist! One time I got behind on laundry and all my rockstars were dirty and I had to wear one of my old pairs of pants to school.

I thought I was going to die. Oh, I agree too! I used to never ever like Old Navy jeans but these rockstars having been carrying me around since I last gave birth 18 months ago. I have them in a 4 and an 8 from just barely post partum and they fit the SAME. Certainly no fear of getting paint on those! Can I add a totally affordable pair to the list?

J crew factory midrise skinnies. And we could be twins: Also, getting the right size I wear a 24 in those-vanity sizing indeed , as you want them to suck you in but at the same be comfy once they stretch out I used to have some beef with my butt, but then I realized the issue was the sagging denim. Oh to weigh pounds. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just wish I was more self-confident because this post has me feeling very self-conscious now.

Everything looks good on pound people but there are no actual pound people so we have to try and fail constantly to find clothes that work. Definitely walking on glass here, I guess. Trying to figure out which pair I want to invest in.

HUGE fan of them. I wish they had a pair that was not cuffed in that exact same. I have some of the color rockstars too, and yeah they are not the greatest. They are so stretchy and comfy and flattering! Emily, please please please be kinder to yourself and your body. It can be difficult to have perspective when the people you live around are all your size or smaller. It could make you feel lbs is unacceptable in some way.

You rocked all those jeans, Mrs. The affect is cumulative! Love your awesome original content! Also, may I add a note? I loved this review post. You are brave and wonderful! I have a few pairs of the others you showed but always choose these ones first. Not sure how this was read as body shaming post. I think some people are extra sensitive to the issue of body weight. Just a shout out for Genetic! Thank you for a funny tour of the big bad world of buying jeans.

Jeans, clothes in general, are such a personal thing. I always think more expensive is better, but it is not the case if it does not fit correctly. Thank you for making me smile this morning Emily! I loved this post! I usually get a 27 or I just bought these on sale! I also love the AG skinnies — they are well worth the investment for how good they feel on and how great I think they look on me, at least.

Some of your favorites could look unflattering on lots of people and vice versa. Rolling hems is in right now if you like a pair that is too long. Scrunching kind of ends up looking sloppy or too big sometimes.

I definitely have a butt and thighs. But seriously, you know whats my favorite..? Their jeans have a great amount of stretch and perfect for ladies on the more petite side. I personally just bought 3 pairs of the GAP always skinny jean in multiple colors. The GAP always skinnies fit so effing well and come up to the perfect stomach height. The Loft Modern Skinny jeans. I am built very similarly to you and both the blue and white fit awesome.

I bought them in both the black and distressed wash. I love the fit of loft modern skinny jeans. Loft cords modern skinny last forever, are soft, and are so flattering.

This was a very, very brave post, Emily. I see this post was just about finding flattering skinny jeans.

Kudos for your courage as it opened up a dialogue on a very controversial topic. A native New Yorker, Gabriella has always had an eye for fashion. Gabriella loves spending time with her husband and three fur babies—two dogs, Gatsby and Winnie, and her horse Scarlett.

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By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Learn more Accept all. Read more about access and use of information on your device for various purposes. A reminder you can control your user privacy preferences here. Wear them to work or dress them up for a night out! I have washed my old pair at least times and they look brand new and don't stretch out. They are my go to for everything—I wear them to my business casual office, out to dinner, and on the weekends.

Buy them, you won't regret it! One of our fave fashion gals, Blake Lively. This innovative stretch denim is specially designed to flatter, hold, and lift all day—making them the ultimate look-amazing jeans. Beauty Clothing Shoes Accessories Shop. The soft stretch denim. These run a tad large, so size down for the perfect fit. About a year ago, Stacy and Jenny were sitting side-by-side, as their hair was getting colored at a Manhattan salon—and they were frustrated.

There was no way, they realized, for them to wear their reading glasses and get their hair colored at the same time. It was time, they decided, for a new kind of reading glasses—which could be worn while coloring your hair, cooking dinner, giving a presentation, sitting at the dinner table, or doing just about anything else.

A dearth of plus-size friendly options can make it difficult to find a comfy, flattering fit, but Annette Richmond – a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger who is a size 20 – says all of her problems are solved by these Lane Bryant skinny jeans. For many women, skinny jeans are a wardrobe staple. For one, they can be styled to look ultra casual or night-out polished. Skinny jeans are generally comfortable, with a . The jean: Christina, Conz, Hannah, and Rachel wore Mossimo Women’s Skinny Jeans, various styles, $ We were able to find one pair in everybody’s size at the Brooklyn Target, but it wasn’t the same jean for each person.

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