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I only wear my women's boots about times a month. One time in a department store I was being helped by a saleslady while buying pantyhose she said I was to tall for the hose they had I replied that I had on heels and pulled up my pantleg and showed off my high heel pumps she said that I walked very well better than some women in heels.

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Jun 07,  · I am curious what shoes most women wear in the nightclubs. We are going for 5 days and I imagine being on my feet at the pool parties all day then heels at night in the clubs would be torture.
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I own a couple pairs of high heel pumps and womens sandals. I sometimes go out wearing my sandals with nylons and my toenails painted. Mostly going to the grocery store late at night or checking the mail. Even at the movie theater. Payless Shoes is the only place I buy my womens shoes in my size 13W. The girls are always helpful and friendly there. I wear shoes from the women's department anytime I am wearing a skirt or other femminine outfit.

I am tall, so I avoid wearing anything with much of a heel. I also have big feet, so it's hard to find my size, but I have had a few great finds. I tend towards subtle looks. I have to give a shoutout to Payless Shoes in the US. They often carry women's size 13 shoes and the sales people have always been very helpful and friendly. I have worn high heels for a number of years. I do have a pair of wedges that I have worn in public with longer pants. I'm a man and I like wearing womens boots, shoes and sandals and I have worn some of them in public for at least 20 years.

I wear ladies low heeled leather ankle boots every day where I'm working at the moment and I haven't had any negative comments on them. I'll even try on womens footwear in a shoe shop when there are other people around and I don't mind if they look at what I'm doing. I've worn some of my womens sandals out in public as well and they all have different heel heights. Some people look but I don't care if they say anything or not, I'll just ignore them.

I'll wear what I want! From reading all of these posts, I am amazed that so many men wear women's boots. As for me, I do wear women's boots and I have been wearing them for 6 years now. Although I have had an attraction for women's boots for years, I never planned to wear them myself, it just happened by accident.

About 6 years ago, I was looking for a pair of unisex boots, which I have been wearing for about 9 years now, and while I was looking for a pair of unisex boots, I saw a pair of women's boots that I liked, so I decided to try them on and the boots actually fit and they were comfortable, so I bought them that very day and that begin my association with wearing women's boots, and there was no looking back.

Now, 6 years later, I have 6 pairs of women's boots, and I plan to buy some more in the near future. I currently have 22 pairs of boots, 11 are men's, 5 are unisex, and 6 are women's. All of my women's boots are chunky heels, except for 1 pair when are a little bit like stiletto heels. As for pumps, flats, or sandals, I absolutely have no interest in them, only women's boots.

I only wear my women's boots about times a month. I am a straight men who loves to wear women's boots. I wear a pair of womens black leather boots with 4 inch heels around the house, and my wife has no problem with it at all I'm a lucky man!

I'm not gay at all, and I think it's a shame that most people think that if you want to wear womens shoes or clothes then you must be gay not that theres anything wrong with being gay - it's just not me.

I wouldn't dare wear them out in public for this reason, but I really wish I had the confidence to go out in them. I have worn them out riding my motorcycle a few times, but I'm always dressed up with a helmet on so people can't tell if I'm a man or woman.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to go out in them! Wearing women's shoes, publicly or in private, is a form of cross-dressing and can be an addictive behavior for some. It may start you down a road that can be difficult to exit. If you do choose to proceed, be sure to be realistic abut your environment. I live in a conservative area, and work in a conservative office, and my career advancement would be over if I showed up in women's shoes.

Just because someone is polite to your face does not mean they won't gossip or make fun of you behind your back. I'm not saying don't do it - it may be quite acceptable in your region or office - I'm just saying be realistic for your own situation. I wear high heels most any of the time I am in public and not at work. My work is much safer performed in work boots as it involves some heavy duty lifting in industrial enviroments.

All other times, you will find me in Stiletos. I wear mostly ankle boots or pumps but have discovered some platform pumps and sandals that are terrific also. Traveling as I do, TSA has gotten confused at times as they try to associate the tray with the 5" pumps and laptop with the passenger. I always quickly volunteer that they are mine so that they do not get embarassed. Most people do not seem to pay much attention other than when I go into the men's room where the sound of the clicking heels on the hard floor is un-mistakable.

Either way, I wear what I want and feel no need to seek the permission of others. I have been wearing women's flats and lower heeled loafers and ankle boots for several years now, and have gotten a fair number of compliments on my cool shoes, mostly from women. Even when buying less obviously feminine flats and loafers, the styles are much more interesting and unique than typical men's equivalents. Just look at men's ecco's--boring!!

Interestingly, I have a pair of Italian, men's ankle boots with 1. I have worn 3 or 3. For me, when looking at other people's shoes, it seems like it is the profile or side view that would be most likely to give the shoes away. A thin heel is definitely associated with women's shoes, a thicker, block heel is less so.

So the Born ankle boots I got with a 2" heel like a cowboy boot and squared off toes don't even get a mention, while 1" kitten heels would almost certainly get noticed where I live. Also the Born's heels are synthetic rubber and don't make that satisfying clacking that a great pair of high heels makes.

So the question today is, will I wear my 3" Calvin Klein ankle boots with a thin heel home tonight, since it will be dark and they look hot with my skinny jeans, though by no means covered up? Or will I chicken out and wear my flat, no-heeled Clarks which are still women's shoes? I love wearing my diagonal pink with brown wide stripes flat Keds canvas shoes, it feels so good to wear them in public. I do love when a guy notices them and takes a second look, makes you wonder what he is thinking: Hi I have great collection of boots which have built up over the last couple of years.

I live for winter so I can chance wearing them out the odd time. Black knee high are fab. I am just so relaxed when have them on. Mentioned the idea one time to my partner and she was not impressed. Now she will not wear hers. I love high heeled boots three inches and up and have worn them for years, infact I don't have any "mens" shoes. I do a lot of walking and find heels rebuild my arches after a long hike. According to a pedorthist I went to heeled boots are the best orthotic I can wear.

My advice is to just do it. I wear heels in public from time to time. Usually a wedge or platform. Because I have a stocky build I can't realy see myself sporting pumps or stelitos. But I do enjoy the comfort of wearing heels because I have a bad back and the heels do work to relieve the pain.

I have worn womens shoes off and on for a while now, sometimes flats and sometimes heels. One time in a department store I was being helped by a saleslady while buying pantyhose she said I was to tall for the hose they had I replied that I had on heels and pulled up my pantleg and showed off my high heel pumps she said that I walked very well better than some women in heels.

I desire to wear knee high boots with a " high block heel. I wear high heel shoes with a small but high 4" heel at home - stiletto styled shoes. It wasn't a coincidence when I first tried the shoes I'm wearing now: I could walk on them like a pro.

Like I never worn anything else in my life. When I get home from work, the first thing I do is slip them on and not take them off until I go to bed. I just love the feel of walking with high heel shoes. It enforces the feminine side of me and I'm proud of it.

A lot of my female friends already told me that I'm very much in touch with my feminine side and they are right.

At least they accept me as I am. All I'm looking for now is knee high boots with laces in front, a high 3" or 4" heel that is thick. I've seen a girl wear them on the bus and I still regret not asking her where she bought them. They looked so nice and sexy, they would surely make me look nice, but above all feel good.

I wish I could see that girl again, or find the boots she was wearing. She was all in black and looked like a gothic, but a very good looking one! I can still see the boots before my eyes. I hope to find them one day and wear them in public, proudly! I only wear women's shoes. I got rid of all my men's shoes about two years ago and haven't looked back.

I prefer boots to pumps or sandals and all my boots have 3-inch heels or higher. I do not currently own any flats. My feet have become so accustomed to heels that wearing flat shoes feels strange and ackward. It was difficult at first wearing heels in public but it became second nature to me in a very short matter of time. Now it is something I do everyday without any thought at all.

I do not try to hide my shoes, I'm very proud of them and do not care who sees them. I openly go into shoe stores and try on heels in front of everybody who's there. I'm fortunate in that I have small feet. I do get noticed and the sound is also a dead giveaway. When women hear me walking by they usually take a good look down at mt feet. I've received some very nice compliments on my shoes and clothing. I've yet to receive any negative comments. I wear heels at home all the time and would love to wear them were ever i am but being an architect it doesn't open up the shirt and tie office to wearing heels easily and would love to have the confidence just to wear them in public.

Funny thing is all the girls that work in shoe shops seem to love guys in heels but its just not publicly accepted that ure a straight guy how just enjoys heels and the premise that, heels u either get them or u don't stands very true. I am totally with you all Strappy silver sandals are sultry yet easy. For the minimalist bride. Crochet ballet flats feel sweet and feminine.

These elegant, embellished flats will kill it on the dance floor. The pearl heel on these blush ones equals pure bridal perfection. Ditching the Heels for Flats at the Reception? What to Wear to a Wedding: Wedding Outfits for Men and Women. We even carry knee-high boots that go all the way up over the knee for a look that's undeniably sexy with a mini dress or skirt. Chunky wedges and platforms offer a '70s flair that's totally on-trend with this season's boho styles, and heels in hot neon hues offer an '80s look that's great for a night out with the ladies.

If you're in the market for something more casual to take you from running errands to date night out, GoJane also carries brand new pairs of faux leather booties that look just like the real deal.

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