Measurement Guide for Dresses

Measure around your neck at the height where your collar, if buttoned, would be. •.

Run tape around natural waistline, keeping tape parallel with floor.

To ensure that the dress is going to fit you perfectly, we advise you get the help of a family or friend and measure everything times to be certain. Also, follow our fit guide before you make your measurement.
To make your shopping experience easier, our In Stock Barong sizes are described by the chest and sleeve measurements of the person.. Unlike the
measurement guide. Azazie - How to take your measurements. We've done our best to simplify the process for you, so you order the perfect dress. Measure your bust and hips only and find your closest match on the chart below. As your body changes daily, we suggest you order your dress no sooner than 14 - 16 weeks in advance.
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Description: This A-line wedding dress embodies effortless classic elegance thanks to its simple lines, sweetheart neckline, and allover lace.
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The Lucchese Fit - Measurement Guide (2/2) Inches / cm G1 Length Desired length of your garment. You may measure you best fit garment. .

Mother of the Bride Dresses. Gifts for the Bride. How to measure dress size accurately. We always recommend having a professional take all of your measurements. Your dress size measurements should be taken while wearing undergarments similar to the ones you will wear with your dress. How to measure dress size for the most flattering fit.

Measure around your chest, at the fullest point of the bust not under the bust. While standing up straight, bend at the waist to one side. Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of the hips. Your hollow-to-hem measurement is determined by measuring from the center of your collarbone hollow to the bottom hem of your dress. We highly recommend that you have a formal wear professional perform this measurement.

Our chart lists several measurements, but you will be OK if your waist and chest fit, as long as your body is not too weird. Another good news is that you will not have a huge problem if your costume is a few inches bigger but not smaller on your chest. Waist is a bit tricky, it is perfectly normal that you are between sizes, you need to be flexible: However, if your waist is 31 and the costume is not a loose fitting one, you are better with S.

Still can not decide, just contact us through the link here. Measure a shirt with a collar that fits you well. Lay the collar flat, and measure from the center of the collar button to the far end of the button hole. The measurement in inches is your collar size. Alternatively, measure around the base of your neck. With arms relaxed at your sides, measure around your chest at the armpits, over the highest part of your chest and shoulder blades, keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Measure around your waist, in your underwear, at the point where your trousers would normally ride. Keep one finger between the tape and your body. Stand with your heels together, and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Bend your elbow 90 degrees and place your hand on your hip. In addition, in she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon, and in , she was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Arts.

She died in I was recently lucky enough to get a few of her pieces This one is a long pink and gold metallic brocade dress with brilliant sparkling!!! Simple design of almost achingly beautiful material. In near mint condition. Photo of that dress is shown on their online collection! Oh, and Lila Wallace was famous and important enough in to be on the front cover of Time Magazine!!! Comes with COA from Antiquedress.

Please read the description above. Yet another lovely piece, but has some issues. Just slightly tired waistband, and the skirt has some water spotting and a few other spots. Possibly cleanable by a high-end cleaner.

Hand bound seams inside. Oh, the ivory Mainbocher blouse is available as well, but being sold separately One of the last dresses from the Dupont estate collection. Simple shape design fitted square neck sleeveless bodice and slightly gathered long skirt with gorgeous woven gold, turquoise and teal "sari" design at lower skirt. Many of her gowns were designed with a similar look Mainbocher popularized the Indian sari fabrics in the s.

In Excellent condition with the exception of one teeny little mark on the breast see photo and ever so slight fading?? Or just normal to the raw silk fabric. And this dress is just another reason why. I am not usually an orange lover, but this one dress may have single-handedly changed my mind about that.

Love this sheer bold 60s print over an another sheer orange lining. High boat neckline, simple shape dress with the wide scallop hemline all ruffled with bows at the sides. Great little summer dress! This gorgeous, lavish s cocktail dress is an absolute eye popper and, I'm told, it came from the wardrobes of Paramount, however there are no labels inside. Certainly beautiful enough to believe it! It has definitely been worn so MAY be found in a movie or two They really are incredible!

This dress is heavy and as photographed all jewels and rhinestones are present one is loose and they are encrusted all the way around the upper rear of the dress. The skirt is also covered along with rhinestones and glass beads a couple rhinestones missing on the skirt. In true Hollywood glamour, this cocktail dress is beautifully made with silk chiffon which beautifully compliments the huge sparkling prong set rhinestones.

It is fully lined in silk. Replaced brown nylon zipper to the side. There are no main rhinestones missing although there are few 2mm wide ones missing from the edge which you will only see if you are staring.

The dress is EXCELLENT condition with the exception of the chiffon snags to the back upper skirt and upper back where the rhinestones caught on fabric when stored, and other snags here and there.

The skirt also has a few seams that are slightly unstitched not a big deal at all! Silver snaps, safety pins, hooks, zippers with "O" ring pulls, and a few Swarovski crystals for good measure. The sleeves have zippers that open, and there are two diagonal zippers on the bust, and ones at the pockets And yes, it actually zips!

With original hang tag still attached to zipper pull. Labeled size 12 USA. Pretty incredible silk material! It's ever so slightly stretchy amazingly of a gold and ivory silk paper-thin fabric with fantastic "daisy" enameled buttons at front, puffy sleeves and wide great pointed cuffs.

The best of the best! Elegant and glitzy at the same time. Dress it down with jeans, or dress it up for evening. Great piece to have in you closet! If you prefer to be a bit more sedate, use the pieces and mix and match in your wardrobe! Great simple straight below knee skirt can be shortened if you prefer, so worn in this "ladylike" length. The jacket is very s And then comes the matching leopard silk belt also covered with the clear sequins and a flat buckle at front!

Excellent condition except the lining that has reddened and has ever so slight tearing just at the waist snaps The exterior will need the occasional "haircut" She wore many suits and blouses, but had a few dresses.

Massive balloon sleeves of black silk taffeta matching the tie at waist to bow or tie as you like , all over the simple black velvet dress with plunging "v" neckline to show off some cleavage!

I have stuffed the sleeves a bit, so you can do the same to puff up. Hidden side metal zipper. If you are smaller than these measurements, the dress will look great as well. You can unbaste in 2 seconds if you dare wear it that low. Andrea Odicini is absolutely revered and is considered by Italian women who know couture to rank along side, or even above, Valentino even HE is known to pay Odicini great homage!! From a wealthy Genoese family, he was able to pick and chose his clientele.

If he did not like you, or if he thought that you did not understand fabrics and construction, he would not design for you! When he moved his atelier from Rome to Genoa, many women would journey to Genoa just to buy his creations because no one could equal his collections.

In the 's, he finally agreed to make a ready-to-wear line, but his creations were still ultra costly. Guess those people at Giorgio didn't have a Made in Italy label handy!

You DO know Giorgio's And if you know Andrea Odicini you will know the quality. I always loved Ungaro dresses from the 's. Now I know what designer they were copying. The bodice has a high turtleneck that can be worn up or down I show it both ways with buttons on the side. Long cuffed batwing sleeves. And then, well then comes the unique and wonderful double layered skirt with asymmetrical "scarf". Check it out from all sides! Excellent condition and the best jacquard fuchsia silk.

Labeled Size 42 but that's old sizing. Shoulder pads are gone. Looks great without them!! Compare to Valentino prices today for a silk dress I can't find much about Marldena gowns, but they were around for at least 30 years it seems, so they must have been quite popular!

This gown is lovely The entire dress is lined in pellon LOVE the detail rose at the bustline. The gold metallic thread can look more silver in certain lights, and gold in other lights. Strapless with gathered bodice very Jean Desses! And then the uniqueness of this dress is the black ostrich feathers dangling at lower back skirt!!!! Now sadly two of these ostrich feathers are missing I just don't have the time You will find tiny holes where those feathers were sewn on Otherwise great condition with just slight pulls in fabric and hem could use a stitch or two.

So if I get around to dealing with the feathers myself Because of her innovation and talent, Jo Copeland designs were often copied. Even Ceil Chapman copied this look as I have a Ceil dress with similar raspberry colored trim! Jo Copeland's quality construction demanded high prices. This is one of the early labels. Black thin silk crepe dress.

The entire bodice is covered with black openwork lace, studded with black sequins. The raspberry velvet bodice trim and matching large bow. There is one sequined button missing I would just replace the top button with something similar. I confess I have a weakness for Givenchy.

Probably partly due to the association with Audrey Hepburn from way back. But whatever it is that draws me to them.. This is not the cheaper Nouvelle Boutique ready-to-wear line. Nearly black heavy cotton pique sundress with open back just closed with three bows snapped into place.

White and green stylized daisy print. I've lightened some of the photos so you can see the tailoring. I still may decide to keep this dress for myself Sweet dress that looks much more expensive than it is! You can tell only from looking at the interior that this was a middle-of-the-road department store dress.

Like a Lilli Diamond if you know your vintage labels. Unfortunately the original label is gone. All that's left is a portion of the Workers Union label and little piece of the original paper label. Excellent condition on the exterior. The interior is discolored as you see doesn't show to the exterior Love the wrap pleated collar which skims over the shoulder.

There is a whisper of a sheer black silk organdy over black silk The original net crinoline comes with it, but it was just pinned in. You can sew on if you want. Looking at it from afar you really wouldn't guess it was leather. And certainly wouldn't guess it was black velvet flocked leather, but get close enough and you will swoon! LOVE the empire tailored waistline, the high collar and the notch at back collar, the cuffed sleeves, the lovely black braided buttons, slight peplum at the back.

Just give me a simple black pencil skirt and killer heels and there is nothing classier, nor more rich looking. What Giorgio Armani is all about. The best of the best. Shown on the mannequin of 35" bust, 25" waist. It just fits her bust. You might want to be under 35" bust for comfort. I put the word "classic" in quotes Always architectural in style, Mugler's fashions are destined for museums.

I have a Mugler white jacket in my closet that I will not part with! You may feel the same way! Mugler suits originally sold for thousands of dollars. This Mugler suit is of a very lightweight wool labeled peignee Wide padded shoulders, though not as wide as the 80's suits. Unlined as usually for Mugler. Jacket snaps and buckles at front. Skirt snaps up back!

I love the back of the jacket as well! Just the perfect 's shape! From the Vintage Label Resource: Rodgers previously designed for the movies and later worked with Silverman at Martini, a dress company that did adaptations of Paris designs. Rodgers and Silverman continued this practice in their designs and were known for their Americanized versions of Balenciaga designs.

And as you can see from the write-up, a very talented designer with impeccable skills. You could wear this dress today to dinner and look perfectly modern, or vintage it up with vintage accessories if you prefer. Add a little cardigan sweater. Excellent condition with just a few, very minor, light spots you shouldn't care If you REALLY look, you may find a few beads missing, but they are not at all noticeable, and could be replaced if you need perfection.

So hard to find a beautiful white 30s gown in great condition!! Only those who know to look for the chain at inside back or some other telltale sign would even guess it wasn't.

Not that Ungaro is a shabby label! Nope, frankly I used to covet Ungaro dresses in the s as they were so figure flattering. Well, enough about me. So here's a black boucle textured suit with lovely frog decor at neckline, two tassel ties at neck, turned up cuffs, skirt with 3 adorable buttons at the lower side, classic 4 pocket boxy jacket and trimmed in ribbon, braid and beading!

This is the one suit you will go to again and again in your closet. Wear the pencil skirt alone. Wear the jacket with jeans. This is the kind of unexpected combination that I adore Most of the information on Michael Novarese comes from his obit sadly. He became one of the foremost designers from He was elected into the Smithsonian representing American Designers from His clothes were custom made, so Couture, and RTW, but were all known for their hand-finished detail and fine fabrics.

This gown would have been somewhere in the middle I would assume Very sexy with very low "V" neckline showing great cleavage! The wide waistband is built-in as a "faux" belt. Wonderful sparkle from the sequins all over the paisley.

Oh, and if you want to confirm the quality, just check out the incredible match of fabric print at back and slit!!!! Mom always told me, to check for top quality, look for prints that match up at seams. Much prettier in person There are times I wish I had "touch-o-vision" on this website. The silk on this dress both the lining as well! They just don't seem to make fabrics like this anymore. She married to become a Countess and was well known as a style maker long before she became a designer.

Her dresses sold for thousands of dollars when new, so no surprise that this has the "hand" it does. Love the way the closures are hidden. The zipper is actually in the pocket of the skirt, and then there are snaps across the waistline at front to create the wrap design. Wide 's shoulders and cuffs. Originally this dress probably had white removable collar and cuffs, as there are snaps inside, but they are no longer with the dress.

I love it without. Don't miss them at all. A perfect LBD for your closet. The dress you will break out each and every time nothing else will do. Sure to get compliments! Black dress full of squiggles of black round beads with the occasional black jet bead drop in front and back. Lined with a fine cotton in the skirt and satin at the bodice.

There are belt loops which can be used with a belt - doesn't come with one - or just cut them off. I prefer this dress without a belt. But that's just me. This sweet little white silk shantung mod dress with little bow tie at neck is a perfect little sheathe dress I'm getting cold just looking at it! Perhaps it's because I now wear a size 32EE bra that I can't imagine anyone wearing this! OR if you are a bit more modest, you could wear a tube top under and it will still be fantastic From Bonwit Teller high end department store from their Private Label collection.

Must have cost a pretty penny when new. Though I don't think this was ever worn.. Marked size 12, but that's an OLD size 12, though it measures up to 40" bust, up to 38" waist, up to 43" hips, and 37" long from shoulder to hem Still I wouldn't wear this to fit I'd wear it slightly large to wear more like an A rather than cling to your body.

A great museum or private collection dress! Go try to find another! Very Courreges or Pierre Cardin. I'm sure you've seen or heard of the Victor Edelstein midnight blue velvet gown worn by Princess Diana when dancing at the White House with John Travolta in You know, the gown that sold for at the time a record price. Well, this is not that gown, but this one is similar, and from the same era Under is a gown equally as beautiful as Diana's The gown has a slight fishtail, fitted drop waistline, wide nearly off the shoulder neckline.

There is no closure on the jacket, it's just meant to be worn as you see. I'm sure this was incredible expensive when new, and it doesn't look like it was ever worn. This one is less. Oh, and the style is back "in"!

The red "gown" or "coat" below is by Alexis Mabille c. It's a sleeveless dress with matching bolero jacket with button front and wrap over tie. Excellent condition, but the dress has been altered to fit January's tiny body, and that's the beauty of this dress, not a drawback. It was taken in at the back zipper and hemmed up. The material feels great It was rented from a costume shop for the shoot and returned to them, and I purchased for YOU from them.

I'm a total fan of the show, and love January's portrayal of Betty. Having stood near January Jones back in myself, I know just how tiny she is Comes with the hangtag from the costumer and a COA from Antiquedress. Classic color combination from the 's and 's.

Coming back into favor! Love the sweetheart neckline and the wrap skirt front and back with the bows also front and back at the waist! I WAS selling these glasses complete in the box for one price But one pair has already SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available.

But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! I will give you a COA from Antiquedress. If you don't know Doris Duke, you are young A few of her garments went up for auction, and I scooped this piece up! I adore sporting pieces!! This one is probably more of an apres ski outfit as it's not waterproof , but certainly could have been worn on the slopes. It's a black heavy soft plush fabric trimmed in black leather.

Zips up the front. Love the leather zip front on the pants! Leather trim on the lower legs and wrists as well. I tried the pants on I didn't want to take them off. Feels like you're wearing a teddy bear!! Doris Duke was 6'1" tall!!!! So these are long pants!!! Possibly made especially for Ms. Duke, as there were few women THAT tall. Great for a display or to wear. There is a bit of strange stitching inside the hem of the jacket, but the exterior seems to be correct, so whatever.

This Emma Peel in plush! Especially ones that are as much a piece of artwork as a garment. I'm assuming some of you have the same passion. In , Jeanette Kastenberg created Warner Bros. I know from the article in New York Magazine. This is equally as beautiful if not more than those jackets.

Every square millimeter of this jacket is covered with sequins and beads in incredibly intricate design Guess that's one of the reasons for the original high price tag. This one is a white sequin background with iridescent yellow, red, and blue sequins with black bugle beads creating the lines.

Wear for a gala affair with ballgown, or with jeans for an evening out. Closes with snaps at front. May have had shoulder pads, but they aren't there now, and aren't missed. Worn by Liza Minnelli! Here's the sad story of Andre Van Pier, a designer who reached the pinnacle in the celebrity fashion industry in the s, and died alone and broke and buried by the State in an unmarked grave in August I'm sure at some point there will be a movie made of his life.

Check out the photos of the dress alone Zips up the back on a 34" bust. The 24" long jacket is open at front, meant to be worn as you see. You can just image Liza Minnelli in this, but I have not yet found any photos of her wearing it. Both lined in striped sheer silk.

In her role as lead fashion designer, she often traveled to Paris to purchase clothes from designers. She married her boss, Adam Gimbel in Salon Moderne was not particularly successful or prestigious prior to her arrival.

She created many ready-to-wear fashions and is credited with introducing culottes divided skirts to the American market. Gowns designed by Gimbel were known for their simplicity, elegance, and use of expensive fabrics. Great dinner coat of a fancy textured black silk in a great swing style! Patch pockets and a collar to wear up or a bit more open.

Very good to Excellent condition This is meant to be worn large, so really best for sizes I've been holding on to this one for myself. But sadly I seem to never get out of my "at home" duds I would LOVE to find a place to wear this, but alas As my Mother always told me And indeed check it out. Gotta love the interior lining as well! Coordinated color floral print.. They just don't make stuff like this anymore.

All the modern fabrics suck OK, I said it! Once you know Vintage quality, you will find it hard to buy new! Labeled Size 8 but measures: Excellent condition with the only thing to note that the buttons were all re-sewn on probably not as neatly as originally.

Check out the great fabric in the close-up photos!! Ooh and the great wide patch pointy pockets. Wear that jacket alone with anything, and wear the skirt alone as well! Pair with floral blouse to be incredibly in vogue!

Yeah, I know, that's what I said to myself, and I should know more than most! Vera Borea also known as the Countess di Regoli was a French fashion designer who came to prominence in Her Paris salon was patronized by customers from France and the US.

From the beginning her clothes featured unusual small details which made her designs unique. Her sports clothes were coveted for their cool, vigorous, and fashionable appearance. Honore location until at least A mid-weight black wool blend which I could explain the fabric better, but not a wooly wool.

Fabulous round solid and circle goldtone studs trimming jacket and skirt hemline. The waistline of the jacket is studded on black grosgrain ribbon very Chanel-ish. Slightly A-line shaped skirt. As was the style from the 70's, the sleeves are narrow. Only two hooks close the jacket front. Looks as smashing as any 's Chanel suit on! Don't know Donald Brooks? He did not become as famous as Bill Blass and Geoffrey Beene, but within the industry, they were know as "the three B's of fashion.

Brooks began designing for Townley Frocks after Clare McCardell , and from he designed under his own name. His collections were quite successful. He was one of the few American designers who designed for the theater, TV and movies. He received a Tony nomination, three Oscar nominations, and an Emmy Award.

Brooks designed over 3, costumes for more than 20 Broadway shows, etc. In , the Parsons School of Design had a retrospective of his work. The gown is a very heavy-weight silk and quite substantial feeling. Two extra layers of skirt under the bold striping Buttons up the front bodice so you can get as sexy as you want. Excellent condition except for a few issues to mention.

I see two small round holes under the sash and one very end of the sash is crusted see photos. Please look at all the photos I can't seem to photograph this to see everything at its best in one photo.

I need either a better camera, or better lighting, or more ability! But hey, I keep forgetting this isn't about me So, sadly this dress has no label, but think Pucci, Leonard, Bessi, Maurice.

This comes from the estate of a woman who bought the best including a closet full of furs This dress is a bit too large for my size 6 mannequin so it will look better on you. Excellent condition with most extremely small dust marks one dry-clean and that will be gone, I'm sure. Good reason to get to the gym and get some tight abs! Hard to believe what they claim on the label, but it's incredibly true!!! This stuff is fabulous. Looks and feels exactly as you expect linen should, but doesn't wrinkle!!

And it takes a lot to impress me! Top designers of the day used Moygashel linen, including Pauline Trigere, so it impressed more than just me. Lovely red blue undertones, so it's a perfect color red that looks great on everyone "fitted" dress with "v" collar covered in white and black seed beading.

Love a side zipper to keep the back as "clean" as the front. Up to 40" bust, up to 27" waist, up to 41" hips, 45" long from shoulder to hem. Metal zipper on side. The dress you'll go to in your closet again and again.

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How to measure dress size accurately Your dress size measurements are taken to determine which size will provide the closest fit based on the designer’s bridal dress size chart. We always recommend having a professional take all of your measurements. Measurement Guide for Dresses. Please make sure that whoever takes your measurements read the instructions below or the measurements can be wrong. - Measurement Guide (2/2) Inches / cm G1 Length Desired length of your garment. You may measure you best fit garment. .

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